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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Capcom X Namco SRPG

I could explain the reasons behind my current euphoria, or you could just download the two videos.

In fact, the only thing keeping me from exploding into a million shards of consumerism (all targeted towards the nearest game store) is the fact that this game hasn't been announced for the US or European market yet. A couple of points that may escape your attention: it's a strategy RPG with an isometric view, so I expect they mean something like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, which is perfect in my book. It's not entirely clear if attacks have any skill element in them.

Bad enough that we don't get Super Robot Taisen in the english-reading world. If this one doesn't get a translation, I blame IGN entirely. "Characters are drawn via sprites...they don't look look as solid during fight scene"?!? What, are they expecting over 200 characters in an SRPG to get 3D animation? Unfortunately, that's probably a good example of how Joe Mainstream Gamer is going to react to screenshots.

Klonoa and Demitri and Megaman and Mitsurugi. The mind boggles.


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