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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Totally Unreviewed

Winx Club, Totally Spies and Sky Dancers have all recently been released for the GameBoy Advance, and I cannot find a single review of them on the Internet. Not IGN, not GameSpot, not Metacritic or Gamerankings, not even on Game Girl Advance. Now, I understand these games aren't actually targeted at me, a 29 year old man, but maybe they're interesting to the Game-Eaters readership, though no one really seems to write any comments besides the site's contributors and Darius. If people are actually interested in these games, let me know and I will go to the store, pick them up, give them a try and write up reviews.

It's sad that so-called "pink" games get so little coverage, despite all the press about how the female market is the game industry's best hope for growth. And some of them are quality purchases: Kim Possible 2 was a damned fine old-school Prince of Persia-type game that nearly snuck by me and most reviewers.


  • I have never even heard of those games.

    -Your Faithful Commenter

    By Blogger Darius Kazemi, at 10:42 AM  

  • Sky Dancers is based on a series of dolls (from Mattel, I believe), whereas Totally Spies and Winx Club are based on cartoons/comic book series. All three properties are targeted at young girls of varying age ranges.

    I believe Winx Club may also have a PS2 game in the works, and the property itself seems to be inspiring a whole range of teenage witch cartoon clones from other media enterprises. Predecessors would probably include Sabrina, Harry Potter and Mahou Tsukai Tai.

    By Blogger Philip, at 9:25 PM  

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