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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bit Generations

A quick glance at Nintendo of Japan's bit Generations site tells us that Digitylish/Digiluxe, a grab bag of abstract (and possibly musical) GBA minigames, hasn't died a premature death since its subtle appearance at E3 2005. It's just being rebranded and tested in Japan first, I suppose. I'm hoping one of the other Game Eaters will take a crack at translating some of the Nihongo on the page.

There was some speculation that, due to the "Digi" name, the games in Digitylish were actually student projects from the Digipen Institute of Technology. However, some reporters have traced some of the origins of the minigames to Japanese game studios. Of course, that doesn't put an end to the speculation, since Nintendo works pretty closely with Digipen, and not all the minigame sources are necessarily accounted for.

I, for one, would love to see more student work appearing on Nintendo's portable machines. It could give this medium the random bit of mutation that is essential for future evolution... I don't really trust publishers to perform that function, and neither does Ron Gilbert, the "grumpy" designer of Monkey Island fame.


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