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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Reasons why I'm not crazy about the XBOX, 360 or not

I don't own an XBOX. I'm not crazy about getting a 360--better graphics do not necessarily mean better games. I'm still a computer gamer, turned portable gamer because of necessity. Unless they start releasing great, innovative games en masse, I don't plan on spending $400 for an XBOX any time soon.

I have some other reasons why I'm not crazy to get an XBOX. One is that an XBOX is just a PC that is not customizable. That a system is easy to hack does not bode much good, how much thought did go in it? I came across this article, by the xbox-linus group, explaining the kind of thought behind it.
17 Mistakes Microsoft Made in the Xbox Security System - Xbox-Linux

Then, I saw this video about what a XBOX 360 can do to your game discs.

I think Microsoft should look into this problem...


  • I don't think you can argue that the Xbox is a bad system because it's both less customizable and easy to hack. It might be mediocre because of either of these reasons, but you have to pick a side.

    If you're a PC gamer and enjoy the range of different upgrade options, the 360 is starting to head that way, with its future HD-DVD drives, removable (and now mandatory) hard drives and whatnot. It's relatively easy to add new components to the original Xbox and it has tons of homebrew software. The whole "thousands of MAME games on your TV" effect is really nice when you have guests, because convincing a non-gamer to play Battlefield 2 is hard, but getting one to play Frogger is easy.

    If you prefer the "pop-in-the-game-and-it-just-works" element of console gaming, the fact that the original Xbox doesn't need all these extra peripherals, and that the online service is well-designed enough to making it hard to meet cheaters in multiplayer, should be a point in its favor.

    There are plenty of other reasons to knock the Xbox, and that disc scratching problem is horrendous. I agree that, apart from good wireless controllers, the 360 isn't offering anything that an owner with a high-end PC doesn't already have.

    By Blogger Philip, at 8:47 PM  

  • I agree that being easy to hack is a plus if you're into homebrew. However...

    Clara and I like to rag on X-Box mostly because it is the antithesis to game design innovation. The pervasive "Michael Bay attitude" of X-Box marketing is very obnoxious if you are into anything besides sports or guns. It's Microsoft's complete disinterest in anything but maintaining a strangehold on the male-only market that makes me really dislike X-Box.

    But as a piece of hardware, sure, it's perfectly decent... aside from the fact that it doubles as a disc-eating monster.

    By Blogger Matt, at 11:08 AM  

  • I don't say at any moment that the XBOX is a bad system, nor do I berate consoles at all. It's just that the XBOX, IMO, still has a long way to go if Microsoft wants me to buy one ;)

    By Blogger Clara, at 12:50 PM  

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