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Friday, July 01, 2005

Free Second Life accounts

Second Life is the MMO that I've been playing the longest and most consistently. It's not really a game, more like a chat room with lots of player-made content. It's been running for almost two years, and they'll be giving out free basic accounts to new members between 12am July 7th through 11:59pm July 13th. (PDT)

It's an interesting place to visit, even if you don't want to stay, and now you can visit for free. Staying costs you no money at monthly fees, nada, and you can play as often as you'd like. You can do anything that anyone else can do in the game, except own virtual land. Owning land requires a premium account, which basically charges you a monthly fee based on the amount of land you own. What can you do with land? Uh...decor, and...set up stuff that keeps running while you aren't logged in, that's basically it. Lots of people make stores to sell their content creations. The company even permits you to sell your in-game cash for real money on a floating exchange. I currently make about US$8 of money a week, even when I don't log in.


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